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A ping pong game where two opponents play each other in an intense game to five points. The loser of that game has to pull down their pants and underwear, and gets spanked in the cheeks with the ping pong paddle of the opponent.
Ignacio: Yes, that's five point for me! Pull 'em down cowboy.
Evan:Ugg, I'm gonna have red cheeks for a week.
by Pro Ping Ponga February 06, 2010

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When you go down on a girl while she is on her rag and take her tampon out with your teeth by the string and proceed to swing it side to side hitting both sides of your face.
Larry- Hey baby you on your rag
girl- Yeah. Go down on me
Larry- OK. mmmmmmm Oh shit your tampons in?
girl- Oh yeah it is
Larry- Oh well Ill just pull it out
girl- Thats so hot!!! Swing your head back and forth you dirty animal
Larry- GRRRRRRRRR........

Larry now has RED CHEEKS!!!
by Red Cheek Larry April 16, 2010