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1)Red cactus is a slang term for vaginitis, a redenning and inflamation of the vagina. Red cactus, like most slang, can be used to degrade or embarass someone.

2)Red cactus can also be a term for a whore or prostitute. It can also be used to dicribe a woman that is "An easy fuck" or someone that you can get to have some sort of sexual intercourse with you because of the possibility of her having a vaginal disease suck as, previousely mentioned, vaginitis.
1) Doctor: I'm sorry, Cara, you have red cactus.

Cara: Huh?

Doctor: You have vaginitis.

2) Jordan: Omg, look at Cara! She's such a red cactus! I mean, look at all the guys checking her out!

Sidney: Ikr, she dresses like a total whore!
by mason4456 May 23, 2010