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The cognitive dissonance one experiences when going to buy a red bull because of the craving of its heightened physiological and psychological effects; only to arrive at the price, realizing that the company is run by a bunch of d-bags who are under the illusion that their product is like buying gold; and thus resorting to one of two options; (1) buying nothing at all, or (2) buying a less effectual alternative Monster.
friend 1: Dude, why are you crashed out on the couch?

friend 2: I'm in a state of Red Bullion. when I saw the price, I bought a few Monsters for the price of one Red Bull.

friend 1: It's like buying gold, aint it; its BS

friend 2: It's for girls, thats why they charge so much. Apart from them being D-bags their product.

friend 1: Monster is overall kooler anyway, and their not a bunch of D-bags either when it comes to the illusion of their product

friend 2: Agreed.

friend 1: Just buy Monster
by SplitDissonance July 19, 2011
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