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A political identity/philosophy that consists of some tenements of republicanism (favoring a republic as the best form of government), conservatism (favoring a balanced budget; prefers spending cuts), and libertarianism (socially liberal; limited government; free markets) and some independent views as follows:
a. Regulations: Regulations in moderation should be considered and implemented on a case by case basis to not only ensure public safety but also to prevent businesses and corporations from taking advantage consumers.

b. Taxes: Moderate tax increase can be considered as a last resort for limited time periods when necessary, but new tax increase should never be permanent.

c. Immigration: Taking a holistic approach with pathway to citizenship for otherwise law abiding illegal immigrants and expel criminal elements. Also securing the boarder against all new illegal entries.
Andy: Is Jeff a Conservative or a Libertarian? Because his views never seem to lie squarely in either political ideology.

Dan: That's because he's a Reconservatarian!
by dc401 December 09, 2011
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