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like recognize you mother fucker but in a polite fashionable sense that you can say secretly to your best friend or lover without them taking it offensively

or something loud and proud to console, critize, compliment, to make an impression
pronounced wreck a muther fuck in eyes

Baby you know we should have talked about this first please recamuthafukonize that there is a we it's now always about you

You better recamuthafukonize that the only reason you are getting to borrow this outfit is because you are my homegirl and I love you but I still want my outfit back when you are done with it and please make sure there are no komono stains from that wanna be dragon on it when it returns back on the closet

Oh hell no you did not show up at my funeral with my ex-husband I can not even recamuthafukonize that triffling ass hoe was bugging for him the whole time

Recamuthafukonize that blunt needs to be passed cause you didn't bring or put in on any favors this week if you wanted to smoke all by yourself you should have bought your own sack

Recamuthafukinize I am the boss you are my slave and I am sure there is no way you just rolled your eyes at me like you were not listening

If I wanted attitude I would recamuthafukonize my sweet ass in the mirror and would not have called or requested your opinion
by Andrea Pearson-Haas August 18, 2008
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