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A hillbilly-American that comprises the base of the republican party. These folks are known to vote against their best interest, and then complain about things once the GOP is in power.

They are known for low information concerning national issues. Rather, it is the GOP culture issues of Guns, gays, and God that pull them in.

This is the individual that will say the GOP is "limited gubmint", while overlooking the fact that the GOP wants to mandate the outcome of every US pregnancy under penalty of law.
That rebubbacan does not have a pot to piss in, but he thinks that trickle down will benefit him someday.
by GOPBulletsforJesusandOil July 14, 2011
A southerner who only watches Fox News and listens to Rush Limbaugh, who votes Republican, against his/her own best interests.
"Who did you vote for and why?" asked the pollster.

"I dunno his name, I just know haze a Republican, I voted dat way because Fox News and Rush Limbaugh told me to." answered the Rebubbacan.
by thinkingblue October 09, 2009
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