when an electrical appliance / machine like a photocopier, computer / printer doesn't want to work and in a vain attempt to get the said appliance working, the user will kick (boot) the machine / appliance to try and get it to work
"the photocopier doesn't seem to be working"

"here let me see if I can re-boot it"
by red booter July 30, 2012
v. to take a power nap, drink a caffeinated beverage, engage in sexual intercourse, or use any other means to recharge one's energy or the energy of another.
hey man, you look pretty tired. go reboot, i'll take over from here.
by joe February 10, 2005
To accidentally or voluntarily vomit.
"After too many drinks and a big dinner, Dave couldn't help but to reboot into the trash can."
by maclaren-sf August 30, 2004
Something Winblows has to do every 5 min. M$FT make a stable secure OS!
Why are frogs windows users?

Ree-Booot Ree-Booot
by dnineplus October 17, 2003

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