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Another name for the fictional Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (MC). This fictional MC is featured in FX's television series Sons of Anarchy featuring the story behind the outlaw motorcycle club and their organized crime syndicate. The name "Reaper Crew" comes from their logo which features a Grim Reaper. The club also has mottos which include "Fear the Reaper" and "Ride Free or Die".
Looks like the reaper crews rolling through town
by JaxTeller April 25, 2014
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The most dominant "anti-hippie" group that started in the 70's and 80's in the northeastern part of the U.S.

The 1st ever Reaper Crew chapter began in 1974 when a bunch of 'still' greasers teenagers at a small Louisiana high school had enough of the "fight the power" minds of hippies.

Fights broke out between the Reapers and hippies/gays throughout the high school's county and soon all of southern Louisiana. The war lasted a year until the Louisiana hippies sort of backed off from Reaper turf.

The Reapers today mainly consist of modern day greasers, motorheads, teenage bikers, and anyone who is anti-gay. If you are homosexual, bisexual, pro-gay, a preppy, a jock, French, Mexican, and on occasion black, stay away from the Reaper Crew.

After the hippy war still standing for anti-homosexuality, the Reapers started to pledge for the new Louisiana chapter of the outlaw biker gang, The Sons of Silence.

The rivals of the Reaper Crew are the North East Natives, the Black P. Stones, and any Louisiana mexican/latino street gang.

Still to this day the Reaper Crew brings in the largest amount of Sons of Silence prospects in the United Sates. They still stand for anti-homosexuality, brotherhood, anti-jock, and assassination of rivals.
COP: "Who do you punks think you are just riding through Baton Rouge?"

Reaper: "We're not punks, we're the Reaper Crew."
by Timmy "12 Gauge" November 08, 2009
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