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Reaneé is of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Reaneé is a french name that means "reborn" or "rebirth" whom has a great personality, with an outstanding smile, nice buns, and very easy on the eyes. She has a pure innocent flirtatious personality, and has a bit of a bad girl atittude that will make you either love her or hate her. She loves just about everything, and believes in honesty is the absolute best policy. When she makes friends it is a life time commitment. She will leave an everlasting impression on your mind and in your heart. Reaneé will go out of her way to help others; however beware not to cross this gal; or it will be the last thing you do. She's random and weird, and most likely somewhat secure, in addition to being outspoken, fiercely loyal to her friends, very sexual, very beautiful inside and out, open minded, mean at times when needs to be, dedicated to music, and impulsive. She has a big heart which is why she may not always use her head and tends to make excuses for the people she cares about
Go out of your way to meet Reaneé today. =)
"pure" "innocent" "flirtatious" "honesty" "commitment" "loyal" "sexual" "beautiful" "Reanee" "buns" "fiercely" "random" "weird"
by A Lucky Friend! February 05, 2010

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