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The urban-rap phrase to express extreme acknowledgement or seriousness of a particular issue.

Translated to general english- For real though

Used by many artists in the rap industry. Origins from Los Angeles.

You'll hear this phase used by the artist when they are extremely high on marijuana cigarettes....e.g. Smoops interlude on the Doggy style album.
Question: I am going to bang out that shorty tonight....Really Doe!

by Dolemite Jenkins June 02, 2007
A rapper coming up from the CHI with Kanye West & The Go Getters. Being featured on Kanye's newest album Late Registration, on a song called "We Major" featuring Nas. A very good azzz song!!!
"in the studio with Really Doe, yeah he next up"
-Kanye West "Diamonds"
by Jobie Trice December 01, 2005
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