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A person who is stern and authoritative about their opinion that there is one and only one right answer.

one and only one right answer is synonymous with "living in the box."
in the box there is only one correct answer.
the world is full of reality nazi's.

the answer that serves you well depends on what you are doing.
2+2= 9-5, 10-6, 11-7, 12 - 8...
Ben: Ya know Ted, you don't gotta be such a Reality Nazi. The more reality you allow into your reality, the bigger view you're gonna have.

Ted: No Soup For You!!!

Ben: Well damn Ted, ya know those who change end up leading those who do not change.

Ted: Ben, this new thinking of yours i'm first going to ridicule, then violently oppose, and then accept as self evident.

Ben: Yeah, belief systems are hallways that you pass through, not rooms that you live in.
by wayd boggz August 05, 2010
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