Intimidating and cool-sounding term for telling somebody how bad you are actually gonna kick their ass.
"Yo mothafucka, step back or ima go real madrid on yo ass...bitch!"
"Oh, shit man! not real madrid on my ass"
by Andy Mac July 28, 2006
A "has been" team..... they can't keep up with barcelona. a team full of dutch, and also known for their idiotic racist & fascist fans.

favorite team of the fascist francisco franco. who used to buy them anything.

also known to be a corrupt team that owns MARCA (spanish media)
person #1) hey, barcelona are faaaaar better than REAL MADrid.
person #2) yeah, franco isnt here to buy them all the tropies he used to.
person #1) hahahahahaha yeah, you're right!
person #2) did you hear? they just siged their 11th dutch player.
person #1) hahaha....
person #1) hey, do you think they will still sign cristiano ronaldo & kaka next summer?
person #2) hahahahahahahaha are you serious? not a chance!!!!!
person #2)hey, lets go watch a REAL team (barcelona). the game just started....
by cataluyaIsaNation January 28, 2009
cock-er-ney rhyming slang for "lid"
"i've got a secret but don't tell no one mate, alright, keep a real on it"

"two cups of tea to take away love, nice one, can you stick a couple of real madrid's on the top please love, don't wanna get tea all over me white van"
by uncle salty May 11, 2004

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