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1.- Never snitches

2.- Never turns his back on another real homie

3.- Always down for another real homie

4.- Always willing to give back to the ghetto

5.- a real gangsta stays true and keeps it real

6.- a real gangsta is aware of his surroundings

7.- a real gangsta shows love to real gangstas FUCK WHAT YA HEARD!!!!!!
real gangsta - where were u at when i was locked up!
fake gangsta - come on foe you know i have yo back!
"blast blast blast"
real gangsta - got shot
fake gangsta - was basically the one who shot him (not neccesarly literally)
a gangsta keeps it real regardless of what homie!
"keeps it real"- doesnt snitch, man's up, helps out, doesnt coward down when it comes these bitch made enemies
by Thestreetsismything June 06, 2009
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