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The product research, stemming from countless Ryan prototypes (many of which are still being manufactured), Jesus's left arm and a strand from God's Holy Beard. He was created in bio-weapons factory, where his DNA was altered to match that of a Demi-God. Raised on a Chupacabra's breast milk, he slowly settled on a diet of Minotaur meat and a protein supplement meant for a troll. After his child days were over his training would commence. Endless resistance training, with MMA lessons intermingled. He became a super-being, resembling a super saiyan at age 15. Slowly but surely Real Ryan was formed, a being of absolute raw power. Although his identity is still a mystery, men and women alike wait for the unveiling of Real Ryan. For it will bring about the age of Real Ryan.
Sexiness is defined by its Ryaness. For all things awesome are defined by their Ryaness.

Real Ryan will usurp the crown as the Aesthetic King.
by The Junior Real Ryan October 08, 2011
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