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Some anonymous fellow that posts random things about music, and leaves many wondering whether or not he is being sarcastic.
All of his definitions are negatively reviewed, which either means no one sees him for a joke, or I'm reading too deeply into this all. Real Gangsta constantly references how he works at McDonalds. Then again he seems to make very fictitious comments saying that Ja Rule is better than any Rock.
This critter needs to be carefully watched, so as we can decide what he is; A Death Metal, Classical, Classic Rock loving guy, or a pseudo-intellectual, homophobic, religion spiting, heritic hypocrite.
Our Poet Gloriet, Real Gangsta In Da House, On Jazz:
"This is how every jazz song sounds like "KEEP ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN', ROLLIN'" That isn't music! That is crap! Go get some Ja Rule you old pensioners."

...On Classical:
"Classical music has no true emotion behind it. True lyricists like Nelly speak from the heart. Classical doesn't have any lyrics so you don't know what they were thinking when they wrote that filth."

... On Classic Rock:
"f you listen to the music carefully, you'll notice, yes it is true, NONE of it is computer generated. It's all guitar crap! Who wants to hear a Satan worshipping drug addict scream about 'I WANT MA DRUGGGSSSS, GIMMMEEEE MYYY DRRUGGGSSS!'"

... and finally on Gangter Rap:
"As every intelligented person knows, msuic MUST consist of the following things
1: Lyrics (Classical has none)
2: A beat (Jazz has non)
3: Computer generated sounds (Rock has none)
If you're not a townie and don't listen to Gangsta rap, that means you are a emo which means you must be beaten up and killed for being a miserable bastard.
Straight G fo life nigga!"

Sarcasm or sinisterly serious? You decide...
by Fierce Grape July 14, 2006
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