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A real firefighter is a person (man or woman) who fights fires because he/she wants to make a difference in his/her community and help people. A real volunteer firefighter doesn't go around flaunting their badge 24/7 and decking out their privately owned vehicle with flashing lights and air-raid sirens, and a real paid firefighter doesn't talk shit about "vollies", but works along with them side by side. A real firefighter is a professional, whether paid or not.
Johnny = Paid Firefighter
Susan = Paid Firefighter
Eddy = Volunteer Firefighter
Kathy = Volunteer Firefighter

Johnny thinks volunteer firefighters are under trained and over confident and he thinks they're good for nothing.

Susan doesn't care whether a firefighter is paid or not. She respects volunteers for their commitment because she's there to put the fire out, not have a pissing contest.

Eddy became a volunteer to help his community and that's what he does. He has a mini-lightbar on his private vehicle and has a uniform shirt to wear when he's on the engine. He drives safely to the scene and quickly mitigates the problem.

Kathy became a volunteer firefighter because she thought it would be fun. She has more lights on her car than a Christmas tree and Drives to the scene like a bat outta hell. She always wears part of, if not her entire uniform so EVERYONE will know she's part of a squad of "heroes" in her own words.

Susan and Eddy are Real Firefighters.

Kathy and Johnny are probably rookies.
by 43SmokeEater01 November 01, 2009
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