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A television show on the channel Vh1. Real and Chance are brothers who got their own show called Real Chance of Love, where they try to find love my moving a bunch of hussies into a house and making the girls fight over them. Real and Chance came to Vh1 in order too fall in love with New York, who had a show called I Love New York. New York came to Vh1 in order to find love with Flavor Flav, on his show The Flavor of Love. Favor Flav came to Vh1 on the Surreal Life - but that has nothing to do with Real Chance of Love, and neither did half of this definition - but it gets the point across that Vh1 is pretty messed up. Real Chance of Love aired October, 2008
Person 1: are you going to watch Real Chance of Love tonite??

Person 2: Hell no.
#real #chance #love #vh1 #flavor flav #new #york #reality #television
by Max!@! November 07, 2008
Another VH1 reality series, staring two brothers and I love New york rejects trying to find love by dating 10 women at once. In the end one doesnt pick any girl at all and the other picks a whimp
"Hey did you watch Real Chance of Love last night?"
"Nah man, I have a life"
#i love new york #idiot #boring #vh1 #love #stallioneers
by Anonymousbutfamous January 12, 2009
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