to tell someone you are reading is the code for wanking. this is appropriate as no one really reads anymore, so it's unlikely to get mistaken.
dude1: hey man, what's up?
dude2: fuck off i'm reading!
dude1: awh dude!
#wank #toss #masturbate #choke the chicken #bang the bishop #code
by george_midd November 10, 2008
One that ruins a joke, repeats a joke continual times
"A curtis read"
by Johnathan Nicolichuk February 23, 2004
when you find a cha ray and she hooks up with you and sucks the dick
I got the read from linnea last night
#pussy #sex #dick #suck #leah
by Chris Uhlig May 29, 2006
To jack off to a porno with/out subtitles
Yo i just read a good book

Oh really

Yeah really

Did it feel good

Of course
#read #porn #jack #off #your #sister
by BringmeBacktoLOVE October 25, 2009
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