The most prettiest girl that you will ever meet, smartest, athletic and popular. She makes anyone smile and always lights up a day. Another name for stunning and/or perfect.
WOW, she is such a Rayne!!
by waikaolu October 21, 2014
Old French name meaning, "Queen."

Latin, also meaning "Queen."

In America, it is the name given to a woman who is typically beyond beautiful who will coerce you into falling in love with her. She says everything you want her to say and makes all your dreams come true. Little do you know she is dirty, nasty psychopath who will play with your feelings for no apparent reason. Don't date anyone with this name.
Person 1: "Wow, look at that stunner!"

Person 2: "That's Rayne. Beware.....don't look directly into her eyes"
by Make war not love May 08, 2014
The best OTP. Ever.
"What's your favorite Firefly pairing?"
"Oh, Rayne!"
by Sam February 18, 2006
Raynes' (latin for faggot).

This word-com* was invented in 1955 to insult british air-pilots.

You are fucking rayne!.
by Jeremy April 08, 2005
a really fine ass chick in a videogame called Bloodrayne, also Bloodrayne 2 which is way more reallistic.

i always jerk off to this game and then catch my load in pinto's sock.
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