Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz (more commonly known as Ray Toro) is the lead guitarist and a backing vocalist for My Chemical Romance, a well-known band from Newark, New Jersey. He's commonly known for his amazing skills on guitar and the fact that he has a large afro on his head. Ray is of Puerto Rican descent and was born on July 15, 1977 in Kearny, New Jersey. He plays Gibson Les Paul guitars with Seymour Duncan pickups, with Marshall amplifiers.
Ray Toro is the amazingly talented guitarist for an amazingly talented band. Get over yourselves, kids.
by Katieeeee March 02, 2008
Ray Toro is a cool guitarist from the greatest band ever my chemical romance. He is lead guitar and has a sexy fro.
People say he's not as sexy as the other guys, but they dont realise how fucking wrong they are!! he is sooooo hot!!! his fro just adds to the sexifullness...:)BEST GUITARIST IN THE WORLD!! (the other guys are sexy too).
Ray Toro is just so great it makes me very happy!
One of the most talented guitar players of our generation. Lead guitarist of My Chemical Romance alongside their short, talented, dangerous rythm guitarist Frank Iero. Writes some of the most amazing guitar parts. Destined to be the next Brian May. Comes with a swoon-worthy fro his band can hide in because he's just that awesome.
"Dude, I can't play that, I'm no Ray Toro..."
by greenskribbles April 15, 2010
A kickass lead guitarist and backup vocalist for the band My Chemical Romance with the epic fro on his head. Oh, and he's just as hot as any other band member and anyone who says anything different is just jelaous.
Ray Toro pwns.
by FROpowerFangirl July 18, 2011
Guitarist for My Chemical Romance and the only band member who isn't married to an extremely pretty woman. Fangirls should take advantage of this.
MCR Fan Girl 2- But wait! The hot guitarist is still single!
MCR Fan Girl 1- OMG! *stalks Ray Toro*
by Istalkfrankiero July 10, 2011
lol, an awesome guitarist in mcr...maybe not as hot as gerard mikey or frankie, but he's in the band, so everyone loves him anyway.
Ray's fro is the shit.
by Daisy April 01, 2005
Guitarist whose hairstyle can only be described as tragic.
Ray Toro needs to get a haircut. Seriously.

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