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1. When someone gets decked and usually ends up hurt (concussion, broken ankle, etc.) or embarrassed.
2. This is the worst one. When Ray Lewis hits you because hes the best player ever and knocks the shit out of runningback, receiver, etc.
1. Your friend Jack tries to go up for a lay up and gets hit in midair by Matt.
Friend Matt: Ray Lewis!
Friend (Ex. Jacob): Dude, you just got Ray Lewised!!!
2. Chad Johnson gets hit and shits his pants
Ray Lewis hits a wall, wall shits.
by jorgepotato October 30, 2012
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The act of stabbing someone, and then suddenly not knowing what happened or who did it.
"Hey dude, what happened to Jenny?"
"Not sure bro.. She must've gotten Ray Lewised."
by rackemrack November 22, 2009

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