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He's A Piece ah SweetBread...A Member of M2K Mas and Team J.W.A. Takes Part in Wotless Behaviour in a Fete/ On the Roads of Notting Hill/Barbados . He is the Master Yoda of the Trini/Bajan/Grenadian Terms WukKup, Work, Jonesing , Whining, Jab -Jabbing! and Pushing Gyal Dung 2 6.30-45.

Raw- Punishment

Trouble- To Disturb the Boomsie of ah Woman
HD - High Definition - Best You can Get
Shaquisha yuh see way Raw Trouble HD done did 2 pineapple Tischa him bruk she rass wukkin up boy!
by J.W.A January 20, 2012
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