Top Definition
A girl/women who is just fucking awesome. She is hot, can talk shit but also be classy, knows sports, drinks beer and cocktails and is even liked by your parents.
Dude, I met this girl at the bar last night, she was a 10, drank whiskey and plays Halo, she's a real Raw Bitch.
#sexy #hot #awesome #10 #bad bitch
by bhawks19 November 01, 2010
A bitch that is so immeasurably bitchy, that simply calling her a bitch just won't suffice.
Damn, dawg, shit! That coke-slut Nancy is just a raw bitch, yo!
#bitch #coked up bitch #extreme bitch #total bitch #unbearably bitchy bitch
by Anonymous666666 February 08, 2006
A Hoe Who Fucks Anybody
Yo You Remember Stacy From High School I Heard Shes A Raw Bitch Now
by Akaj3grjjr April 04, 2016
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