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Even though she has temper problems, she's totally scene, her hair is really sexy and she has a killer bod. She loves starting riots, adds random people on facebook and pwns preppies and chavs with chicken bones. her hair color changes every week, she has a good sense of humor, has really small cute feet, olive skin and is really short. everyone loves to be around her and she will brighten ur dayy any dayy. i am soo happyy i am her bestiee!
PS. she loves to "Ravenize" pictures on fb. which is, in fact, just tagging random objects in ur profilee picc as herr!
Dude911: who the fuck is that totally sexy chick ovet there, imma diee shes so fucking hawwtt!
Chick911: Sorry, she's lesbian!
Dude911: fuck, imma change my gender!
Tranny911: She's actually bi...
by Felicityy Fallen Fears. June 19, 2009
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