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Preferably any woman who attends a Rave that shows more skin than a stripper and more fucked up on drugs than Kurt Cobain. These girls dance around the stage kissing every guy without a shirt on, and takes one of them home (or to the side of the stage) to suck him, fuck him, or a combination of both. After she is finished with the guy, (or female, or both sexes) the slut dips out only to leave him with a lasting memory of her in the form of herpes, chlamydia, aids, or mono
by Raver FUNHOUSE December 13, 2009
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Although it is common to think that only girls qualify for this term, it is in fact very possible for a rave slut to be a man. Many men in who try join the rave scene are only there to prey on young girls messed up on drugs. Often they are rich silver spoon fed imports from far off places, such as Alabama. They will come to places like San Francisco, dye their hair different colors and get piercings to fit in, and then act like they are part of the down to earth hippie culture and can understand their struggles, when they have never had to lift a finger or suffer in their life. Usually continue to party past their prime, and look ten times their age because of all the drugs they take.
Rave slut (named something dumb like Phrost): Hey cutie.
Rando teen girl on drugs: HI

Rave slut: what's your raver name? I'm Phrost, with a Ph, bc that makes me hella cool and unique and shit. what's yours?
Rando girl: Ooo, I don't have one yet.

rave slut: You should be called Pleasurable *wink wink*
Rando girl: *barfs*

*raver slut gets an erection*
by FuckingSmurf October 09, 2012
Usually females (though occasionally flashy cock-craving males) that attend trashy techno parties in old warehouses and cornfields that will name drop and cock flop anything that might be worthy, or his friend, or his roadie.

Once through with a rave slut, the best scenario is to perform the donkey punch and rub on out.
She said she was rolling. I said, "That's funny, I'm Richie Hawtin's brother "Ralphie Hawtin". and she said, "Wow.. *gurgle*"
by Denis Baldwin December 19, 2003

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