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Raunch Foxxx was born an only twin. His parents left him at the beach when he was 5 years old but the sly little bastard found his way back home. At an early age, he would go to the supermarket with this mother and grab cucumbers and start singing into them and telling jokes. He had such a big mouth that he didn't need speakers. People would stop in their tracks and there would be a line of shopping carts behind him. (maybe it was because he was in the check out line..we aren't sure) Raunch is one of 20 kids. Not kids as in brothers and as in the ones who got caught stealing cucumbers at the supermarket. Most recently Raunch FOXXX has finished his first novel and he is proud to say....."I am now ready to read another one!" Raunch is at the helm of the FOXXXCAST. He has put together an interesting crew to say the least. At Six Foot Ten 300 lbs Raunch can eat. (we just wanted to throw that in).
Guy :"Yo! did you check out the FoxXxcast last night?"
Girl :"Yeah man Raunch Foxxx was rocking that shit"
Guy :"Yeah he pulled a joke on my boss last night made him say some dirty stuff"
by NiteCrawla September 11, 2008
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