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Usually a term drug addicts use when they are desperate for their next fix & are withdrawing.
"You any gear mate? I'm rattling like a bottle of pills here'

'Shit, this is brutal, I'm rattling away like a bag of spanners'
by Jungle_Juice August 22, 2008
Withdrawing from heroin, in need of a hit.
Alright man, ya got any brandy i'm rattling like fuck here!!!
by Jonny_chaos July 17, 2006
Throwing something aimlessly, and hitting someone by accident. Most of the time the thrower then gets attacked, and humiliated by the other person. If you say someone is "Rattling" you, they are lobbing things at you, but failing completley and hitting other people
Damn, that kid's Rattling so much, he's gonna hit somebody soon
by D3LT4 June 27, 2011
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