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1 - A concerted effort to get a woman (rat) to show her vagina (rat).

2 - A attempt at causing embarrassment to a fellow colleague by sending obscenities by email that then appear in front of management figures.
1 - Lets go down the rat market (bar/club), it's time for a rat attack.

2 - "Look he has the MD at his desk...quick lets rat attack him"
by uncle.wiffle July 03, 2009
one who attacks by signaling an army of rats to chew their opponents faces off.
So then Pat said,"RATATTACK!"
by Mack Daddy February 25, 2003
First, Rat meaning; a diturbingly ugly person.
Therefore, Rat Attack meaning; An Attack by an extremely viciously ugly person.
Person 1: "Oi did you see that rat attack in the mall?"
by Rat Attack January 26, 2008
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