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First, Rat meaning; a diturbingly ugly person.
Therefore, Rat Attack meaning; An Attack by an extremely viciously ugly person.
Person 1: "Oi did you see that rat attack in the mall?"
by Rat Attack January 26, 2008
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1 - A concerted effort to get a woman (rat) to show her vagina (rat).

2 - A attempt at causing embarrassment to a fellow colleague by sending obscenities by email that then appear in front of management figures.
1 - Lets go down the rat market (bar/club), it's time for a rat attack.

2 - "Look he has the MD at his desk...quick lets rat attack him"
by uncle.wiffle July 03, 2009
6 0
one who attacks by signaling an army of rats to chew their opponents faces off.
So then Pat said,"RATATTACK!"
by Mack Daddy February 25, 2003
6 3
A reaction to a minor annoyance. A small spazz, or freak out.
Brittany had a ratattack about her homework.
by chicken socks November 06, 2007
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