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A group of Rastsfarian Jews, its pretty self explanitory.

The Rastafarian Jews oath.

I pledge allegiance to the Rastafarian Jew

I will respect the rules of this amazing crew

I will not divulge any of its secrets

Nor will I act like Ryan Seacrest

I will respect the strict food policy at R.J. Parties

I will not, during any meeting, release any farties

My speach shall be slurred and clean at all times,

I will support our country and like the sound of wind chimes

I will promote peach wherever possible

I will not do drugs, even when plausible,

With this oath i do solemnly swear

That red, yellow, and green i will always wear

We're accepting members, but one of their names must start with a "j", "e", "w", or "s", and they will be refered to by that name for the rest of their membership, and it can't be a nickname, must be first middle or last
You know that Red, Green, and Yellow color combo? You imediately think Bob Marley. And you know what a Jew is. And that would be the Rastafarian Jews.
by Rastafarian E. August 07, 2011
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