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When a woman who is on her period goes number 1, and it mixes with the blood and looks pink in the toilet.
"That girl made some raspberry lemonade in the toilet!"
by thtwordgrl January 10, 2010
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While a person is upside down, another person urinates directly into their nostrils creating a pool of piss in each nasal cavity. The peer will then kick the victim in the nose, creating a spray of bloody piss. The blood/piss combination is referred to as bliss. Optional: a friend of the two may hold a cup or bucket underneath to catch the contents to later be consumed.
So Tina (my new g/f) is a little person (midget) and the other night I got her drunk of a single beer, flipped her upside down and fed her a raspberry lemonade. Later after I made her clean herself up and drink every drop of the bliss.
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The process in which you repeatedly punch a woman in the face because she pulls away when you attempt to urinate in her mouth during oral sex.
Raspberry lemonade is usually drank through a long or thick straw.
by KJEE.SS June 09, 2010
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