The commission of a bare-assed fart on a bald man's head. (hence the "raspberry" sound.) This act can be of the sexual fetish or horrible college prank nature.
Nick was being such a douche at Jills party last night that we held him down and Tom gave him a Raspberry Beret. We laughed till we puked.
by Axl VanJovi November 24, 2011
Top Definition
The act of eating-out a womans ass while she menstruates onto your forehead.
Tonys girlfriend gave him a raspberry berry lastnight. He liked it, the sick fuck.
by DOJ June 01, 2005
A mentrating woman's equivilent to a mushroom stamping, in which she drops trou' and rubs her bloody cooch on a bald mans head, or a full haied mans forehead, thus endowing him with a thin red, yet jauntily worn raspberry chapeaux.
I passed out early on in the party and that bitch Sally Rottenkrotch squatted over me on the couch and gave me a Raspberry Beret
by Tang Tickler December 02, 2009
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