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Really fat girls that adore Rascal Flatts. Known for squeezing into cowboy boots and flamboyant colored cowboy hats in sizes way too small of them. Often associated as being easy when intoxicated
The was not a lot of talent at Rascal Flatts' concert, just mostly Rascal Fats and gay dudes.
by Party Crashers August 22, 2009
when a person is so fat they have to ride around on a motorized cart
Randy's mom is so Rascal Fat when she goes to Wal-Mart she has to use 2 rascals. 1 for each cheek
by nixsco May 25, 2007
Reserved for those who used the motorized scooters solely because they're too fat to walk anywhere.
Boy: Can you believe that chick over there in the scooter?
Girl: She doesn't look sick. Just fat.
Boy: Yeah, she's rascal fat.
by No_Pseudonym June 14, 2013
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