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A vicious, very cool, manly way to fight and prove your might.
Can be between any number of people, including wom'n, men, children, etc. Often 1v1 (Raptor Duel), or team v team. You have your arms at your side, but raise your forearms at a near-90-degree angle, and let your hands hang loose in the form of claws. You hunch your back slightly, and must move with high knees. Biting is forbidden in some Raptor fights, but what is a real raptor fight without biting?
1) When there was a disagreement between the boys, they dueled it out... Raptor Fight style.

2) The two girls both liked the same guy, and when Rock/Paper/Scissors did not suffice, they had a Raptor Fight.
by POCHATKAZ July 09, 2010
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