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When one tries to explain to a group of freinds that if 5 of them cannot repel one rapist (but using the disasterous words "beat off" one rapist) in a dark alley at night, they become notoriouslt known as a Rapist Hunter - only in the sense that one wants to pleasure them instead of kill.

Becomes funnier on one's own part when one plays along ...
Idiot: "Guys, if five of us can't beat off one rapist..."

Funny Guy: "HAHAHA, "beat off" .. Rapists beware! ... you Rapist Hunter"

Other Guy: " Hey, that dude is a rapist" *points*

Idiot: "Soooo ... you're a rapist are you!?!" *evil grin + rubs hands together as if up to no good*

... unexpected comedy.
#rapist #hunter #beat #off #kill
by RyRy28 September 15, 2011
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