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A website that allows the public to upload files for sharing with other people. The main problems with rapidshare are the download ticket system that forces you to wait for 60 seconds before being able to download the file, and the slow upload and download times. Rapidshare offers a membership program that allows, after a fee is paid, for the member to have unlimited simultaneous downloads, be able to bypass the download ticket system, and allows the use of download managers like flashget. Rapidshare is commonly hated throughout the internet and is also known as rapidshit.
Upload that cracked loli hentai game to rapidshare so we can all share the wealth.
by XXXtaco January 27, 2007
The worst file-sharing website to ever exist. It's full of annoying restrictions which are both a pain for the uploader and the downloaders.

Things like download tickets, which make you wait before you download a file; a limit on how much you download before a wait of up to three to five hours is imposed on you. Not to mention that at the slightest sign of a "complaint" (who knows which random asshole complained about a file?) files get deleted.

If you ever find a file you want, be prepared to wait hours to download it and have to solve stupid CAPTCHAs constantly, as well as having the (paid) membership repeatedly pushed on you while you just want to download a damn file.
Please never use RapidShare to share your files. Use a decent alternative (there are many) which won't make file sharing a huge pain in the ass for all.

Everyone knows RapidShare sucks, so why the hell do people still use this greedy website?

No wonder people call it "Rapidshit".
by Grammar_Nazi April 25, 2008
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