To kick someone's behind so bad that they can't you know what!:P:@
We're going to Raphaelle you like you've never been Raphaelled before!!
by Amy:P:D February 17, 2005
Top Definition
A stunning , gorgeous girl who is shy but still really funny. She's always there for her friends always there to listen and help you at any cost. She's also very smart and such a kind person. She doesn't speak much but thinks a lot! Raphaelle is very sensitive but she has a golden heart. A little negative sometimes but have one of the most cheerful laughs you would ever hear. She also has long beautiful hair. Sometimes, she has difficulty to express herself but when she does, listen to her because its totally worth it!
I wish I knew Raphaelle, she looks so cute !
by pedritodelpueblo January 12, 2015
Feminine version of Raphael. A name given to beautiful, hot, amazing looking girls.
Person 1 : Who's that girl?
Person 2 : That's Raphaelle!
by rayraynaynay January 08, 2014
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