Baddest character in the Soul Calibur video games. His fighting style is fencing and his main weapon is the rapier.
Raphael can kick Talim's ass any day.
by Crazyevil June 17, 2008
hipster term for glasses
Do these raphaels go with my flogger? I don't know if I like the new frames or not.
by DR. DEL ONE January 24, 2008
Very soft, secretly hay, annoying male that is very rude and mean to the female gender, but can't resist looking at nude pictures of his mother. He will grow up to live with his mother and die while using a plus sized dido.
Stop being such a Raphael!
by Tbhthisisreal November 14, 2014
Someone who is retarded and has no mental capabilities whatsoever. Also, Raphaels are commonly trash filled landfills.
Man, you're such a Raphael!
by YoruNoIkimono November 22, 2013
A fine ass store owner with a ponytail. Yum!
Bey, Raphael is a pie dred!
by ThaBitch! March 05, 2009
raphael is an annoying brat who thinks hes funny, BUT REALLY HES NOT! he talks back to teachers and probably has ADHD.
"i think i like raphael."

by lalala~ January 31, 2010
a male or in some rare cases a female who is of extreme annoyance to others and may or may not be referred to as a "b-word".
Dude your pants are gay boy pants.
Man, stop being a Raphael and mind yo own self.
by Joe Moedda November 08, 2007

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