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Named after Gateway Apartments in Tempe, Arizona near the ASU Campus, after an unidentified man broke into the apartments due to a break in the gate and raped a woman.
Guy- you goin to the party at Gateway?
Girl- Rapeway? No fuckin way.
by Niggerfaggot! September 17, 2009
A man-made, open-air passageway, usually dimly lit, that appears to have been designed for the sole purpose of hosting a rape.
-"Follow me. I know a short cut to get to the porno theater."
-"Wait, you mean through there?"
-"Yeah, what are you, chicken?"
-"No, I just don't want to get raped, and that damp alley is a total rapeway."
-"Suit yourself. I'm not missing the previews."
by Studebanger July 26, 2014