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A drinking game that is a lot like beer pong. A roofie (the date rape drug) is put into one random cup on each side. Once that cup is made, the person on the opposing team has to drink that cup and will subsequently be raped that night. It is also acceptable to write "Rape Cup" on the cup with the roofie in it in Sharpie marker.

This is a game that is currently taking college campuses by storm. Time Magazine also named it "Invention of the Decade" for the 2000-2009 decade. This was shocking because it was estimated that it was invented in 2009.
"Emily, did you get laid last night?"

"Well I played Rape Cup so I don't really remember."

"I'm guessing you woke up with a sore asshole and on the kitchen floor next to a bottle of Pamolive."

"I rea;;y need to stop playing that game."
by Bestsellingauthor May 15, 2010
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