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a succesful black rapper/producer that takes a younger white male artist under his wing in order to get him noticed. The rap babysitter claims to be a "mentor" and watch over the young artist, but in reality he teaches him the lifestyle of the rich and ignorant. rap babysitters make a deal to put thier name and face on everything related to their protegee and in return he recieves a percentage of the profit. Ex. Producer Timbaland babysits Justin Timberlake; Eminem has been babysat by Dr. Dre for 13 years now! Justin bieber is still so young he has several rap babysitters- Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne. Justin Timberlake applied for the job but didnt qualify because he is white. Justin Bieber's main babysitter Usher was babysat by P Diddy back in the day.
Young white artist: "I dont feel like perfoming today! i'm too tired"

Rap Babysitter: "Shut up! you better get out there and bring big brother his money or else i won't be in your next music video! see how many girls you get then!"

Young white Artist: " Okay! sorry. forgive me, i'm white."........

Jonas Brothers: we have a Rap babysitter too! His name is Big Rob! he appeared in our video Burnin' up!

Eminem: "Shut the fuck up. he isnt even a rapper. he is your washed up bodyguard, that came too you after he got fired by Britney Spears.
by eviezamora13 September 29, 2011
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