A slang term for a cannibis smoking device, usually referred to as a bong.
Hey man let's go for a smoke I got the Ranker
by Rankerman November 25, 2009
smellier than

one who ranks
My feet are ranker than my ass.

My ass is ranker than putrid herring mashed with elderberries in a goose liver paste.

Ranker ranked Randy reffing abilities.
by Insufficient Postage April 28, 2006
Another meaning for Wanker, insult, used in arguments etc.
Yo!, get out of there, stop peeping through the keyhole at the girls changing rooms you Ranker!
by Bruce Lee March 27, 2003
A sorry ass bastard who fails to earn fourth place or better in mariokart.
Kory placed sixth on choco mountain therefore he is a ranker.
by Jim March 13, 2005
Someone who is a hateror someone who is trader
Jessica is a big time ranker.
by Shygirl March 21, 2004
U.S. variation on the British term "wanker", meaning asshole. Mostly used by California chicano gang members. Perhaps the only example of Cockney influence on cholo talk.
that pinche puto is a serious ranker
by Rattus cattus December 05, 2006
A gang member who denies being in his gang when a rival gang hits him up.
Rankers get taxed.
by Chowda! January 29, 2015

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