A stalker. Someone who becomes overly obsessed with someone they just met. Really cool guy. No sense at all. Easily adaptive to meet the prized persons needs or wants.
Girl 1: hey what's up with that creepy guy that keeps staring at you like he is going to eat you?

Girl 2: oh, he's just being Randy.
by McDiddle October 15, 2010
Usually a douche. Eavesdrops on conversations that he isn't supposed to be in. Slicked black hair, which looks like he could have used spunk as a hair gel substance. Pale as fuck, like Edward from twilight. Acts like he knows everything, and supposedly is a,"Sexy Beast" even though he probably hasn't gotten any. Has weird theories about women, and thinks he looks very handsome. Usually relates women to materialistic things, such as cars, or guitars, which is NOT how you get a girl if you tell them that. Sings in 1 tone, for every song, and thinks he is "bad ass" because he hangs out with mexicans for "protection." Often relates things with stories of,"back home we use-ta do things this way!" Big redneck, likes female celebrities. Says things are "dirty" after someone says them, even though it is him with the dirty mind.

Also didn't start acting out until middle school. Has a very gay impression of gay people. Thinks his shit don't stink, but it REEKS.
Wow, Randy hasn't been himself ever since middle school, because he had to set expectations for others and just had to be accepted.
by ROFLKNIEFGOESSLIEC October 14, 2010
A "random" person which you do not know.
Person 1: Haha look at those guys they suck.
Person 2: Do you even know them guys?
Person 1: Nah, just a bunch of randys.
by Yazoomafroo July 24, 2009
-to do something correctly in an easy manner
-to play something godly on guitar

Mark- How the hell do you play that song?
Dean- just randy it
by DeanHasALargePenis April 01, 2009
To eat all of the meat out of a dish such as stew, curry, pasta, or stir-fry, leaving only sauce and/or vegetables for other hungry people.
Don't randy the fried rice! The rest of us are hungry, too.

Somebody totally randied this curry. What the hell are we going to do with the rest of it?
by Lyanthya March 23, 2009
A high school teacher that is very lazy. He also has a shaggy beard and very hairy arms and is very short. He is known to take little children into bathrooms and molest them. He has a Harley and rides it during the summer.

Kid: NO NO NO!
by Smiley2236 July 11, 2010
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