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An angry black man that abuses his girlfriend.
Randy Moss will be arrested soon, just another celebrity who thought he was above the law
by Bill Belicheck February 26, 2008
23 89
A person who really doesn't give a royal fuck. See also loser. Known for giving up early, being a poor role-model. He will walk of the field becuase he doesn't want to play anymore, big cry-baby pussy, who when beats the Packers once, thinks he is far supirior to them. Been arrested many times for bein' on the pipe, also speaks fluent ebonics.
Viking's Fan: "Moss owns da pack."

Me: "And the Vikings no longer own him, fuck head, what are you going to do now?"
by Rice Hater July 29, 2005
57 127
The best receiver in the NFL who plays for the best team in the NFL the Oakland Raiders baby
Best receiver in the NFL
by Marco M. July 09, 2005
62 137