Randomer When you get a random bonor. A combination of the two words.
In class when you get one yell RANDOMER. noone will know what you mean. laughs assured.
#boner #random #erection #loser #class
by Jmaxtothemax February 01, 2011
Top Definition
A stranger/unknown person. Usually a friend of a friend.
"Who are those randomers over there?"

-Q. "Do you need a lift to the party tonight"

-A. "Yeah, can I bring a randomer along too?"
by xLx July 24, 2004
Someone you meet on a night out who noone knows but you remember later usually the next day
Who was that Randomer Dave was with last night?

Some randomer is after getting into my pictures
#random #people #night- out #camera #thief
by sonicboombox October 16, 2007
Random people. People you don't know, and who seem to be there for no reason. Strangers, or barely-there acquaintances.
The ones nobody invited to the party, but who hang around anyway - no-one will ask them to leave, as no-one knows who invited them in the first place.
My Facebook friends are a mix of colleagues, school friends, and randomers I couldn't turn down in case I'd met them and forgotten about it.
#random #randomer #stranger #acquaintance #friend
by Blue Jack May 04, 2009
Someone of no real significance or importance in your life, who's just kind of there as part of the human population waiting to return to their nest. They could someday be important to you, but until then they are still just a randomer.
*You're opening a locker next to a randomer who is also opening his locker*
You: What's up.
Randomer: Hey, not much, you?
You: Nice, not much.
Randomer: Cool, later.
You: Later.
*You both leave the lockers and forget about each others' existence*
#randomer #person #insignificant #unimportant #human
by subtalvik2 April 25, 2011
Synonym for 'random' - a person unknown to a group or one who says/does things which are inconsequential, makes contributions which are unconnected with the topic under discussion or behaves in ways which do not match the norms of a group or sub-culture.
Some randomer just walked in and left a plastic gnome on the bar.
#misfit #whacko #wierdo #stranger #joker
by maninbeijing April 08, 2013
Usually teenage girls aged 11-13 who use social networking sites to add people they do not know.They consider themselves to be "RaNdOM!", and generally have a liking for sheep, rainbows, cheese, penguins and other things that are in no way, shape or form are considered random by any half intelligent human being.
RAnDomeR: omFgZ i luFf pOlk@ doTs 4 lyF.
Sane Person : Stfu, you complete & utter idiot.
#random #n00b #idiot #mcr #no
by gghft May 07, 2008
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