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A small dance rave that can happen at any time, in any place. All you have to do to start one is yell as loud as possible, "I DECLARE THIS SPOT TO BE A RANDOM DANCE PARTAAAAY!" and then you and your friends must get crunk with it. As for music, someone can drop a beat, or you can sing your favorite song, or everyone can just dance to whatevers stuck in their head at that particular moment. The typical Random Dance Party is very short however, and most of the time only lasts about five seconds. If you want a light show for your RDP, then go to the website mentioned in the example below. Just put that website up on your screen, turn out the lights, and turn up the tunes! The rapidly flashing colors should give your RDP a crazy techno-rave kinda vibe. Or maybe it will just give you a seizure...

The Random Dance Party was invented at Berkeley Preparatory School in Florida.
"I do declare this definition to be a random dance party!" *everyone boogies*

go to my geocities page. the extension is interruptive_cow.
by interruptive_cow January 29, 2006
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