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A term that is used to describe people of the opposite sex who you meet and engage in sexual activity with. The Randar Hunter finds and destroys his target in order to put one more notch on his belt. The moment when someone stops becoming a randar is when you meet them again.
"The sky was black as night...Although I could see through the darkness the Randar Hunter in sight...he was Brave."

"Hey kid how many randars?"
"Whole lot of randars!"

"Randar my Husssssssssssssssssssssss!"
by Randar My Huss November 03, 2006
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A girl one takes home at the end of the night for whom he has no affection. He never has any intention of dating this girl, and has no strong connection to her outside of an occasional drunk bang-out. Also known as a "Plan B," "backup," or "hoodrat."
(At a party)
Shep: Man, I just saw Steve leave with another random girl

Eduardo: Yea, ese, Steve's all about the randars

Shep: Fuckin' skanks
by Tom Brady Sux November 12, 2009
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One's ability to detect overly cheerful people that often run into you and try to talk at inopportune times, even though you make it clear you wished they didn't (i.e. randos)
Shit man, you got good randar. I almost walked right in front of that kid. Woulda been trapped there
by TheBlacKCatwit9lives April 24, 2009
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