Birmingham (UK) slang for a fat person. To be ramming. One who rams.
A rammer.

Oh God, look at that bird over there. She's and absolute rammer!
by Anton June 11, 2003
Top Definition
Large, usually late model, rear wheel drive american cars used primarily to collide with other cars or as mobile road blocks. Term coined in Chicago.
Man, I got chased by this rammer down Fullerton, I lost they clumsy ass on that S curve on Pulaski though...
by DasUNO August 14, 2009
Female who actively engages in countless sexual encounters with married or unmarried men they find at the bar.
Did you see that rammer walk in the bar? I bet she takes it in the ass.

Let's go pick up some rammers at the bar.
by GUSSS February 08, 2012
one who is an obstructionist, especially on military operations. Can also mean a ding bat, loser, unequipped mentally to do anything but run into walls with a retarded helmet.
"Bob you 'effing rammer! You didn't charge the batteries, now we're stuck out here."

"Rammer! You forgot to load the water up!"
by Robert McGillicuddy March 16, 2010
Rammer a derivative of Pig-Sheep is a common word used to describe the bowel movement of any thing pretty nasty! Also used in the presence of others to bring around a general feeling of sickness to all that here it!!
"Holy S*&t did you just see that disabled worthog rammer all over that small lolly pop weilding Boy?"

Also: Err.....Rammer......(profuse vomiting, possibly death)
by paddy weidner August 29, 2003
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