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One of the most intellectually able, witty and sincere people which you will meet in your entire life! Ramisa will probably be found volunteering at a blood donation drive, babysitting her neighbor's kids for free and/or helping deprived inner city children with their homework. Ramisa(s) will probably rise to become one of the most hard-working people in our modern day societies and use their powers for good instead of evil. Did I mention that she is pretty too?
Bob: Hey guys, I just saw Ramisa and she is currently donating her time volunteering at the Red Cross and helping kids from L.A. with their math homework!
Dill: Gee, I wish that I knew more people like her! Ramisa sure is one of the best girls I have been blessed to meet.
Bob: She sure is, and I would tap that!
by BringerofLight August 04, 2011
21 3
Ramisa is the most stupidest girl in the world. She falls in love too easy.
You love Jason now? You just fell in love with Michel! You're such a Ramisa!
by theramisaherself October 28, 2010
17 17