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1. Used as a warcry symbolizing freedom and extreme patriotism by troops in Iraq.

2. Ramadi is a symbol of pride and esprit de corps for the Marine Corps. Marines that have fought to secure the city are some of the bravest and most respected people in the world.
Man 1 "Can you believe how awesome the Marines are?"
Man 2 "Ramadi!!!!"

"This generations story is one of courage, selflessness and devotion to duty. On April 22nd 2008, two young Marines a Corporal and Lance Corporal were standing guard at an entry control point in Ramadi Iraq when they added their heroic story to the legacy of the Marine Corps when they were able to stop an explosive laden vehicle just outside the gate. Their heroism saved the lives of more than 50 Americans and Iraqis that day. In doing so they both gave their lives and were awarded the Navy Cross for their heroic actions"
by Semper Try November 07, 2009
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